If you would like to book one our Distinguished Limousines for your special occasion, please contact us on 0433 505 900.

If you have already contacted Distinguished Limousines and pre-booked one of our luxury vehicles, please use the following form to submit your booking details.

    Terms and Conditions
    1) We require a 50% booking fee for all social bookings which is non-refundable
    2) We require a 50% booing fee for all wedding and ball bookings which is non refundable
    3) Final Balance for social bookings is due 14 days before the booking date
    4) Final Balance for Weddings is due 10 weeks before the wedding date
    5) Final Balance for School Balls is due 14 days before the school ball
    6) Overtime rates and apply and are calculated as follows
              - 15 minutes $100
              - 30 minutes $200
              - 60 minutes $400
    7) The extend of overtime may be flitted to ensure that other booking commitments are met.
    8) Alcohol is not provided
    9Due to their size Limousines are limited access vehicles and we reserve the right to deny entry to venues deemed unsafe
    10) We accept no responsibility for any lost items, damaged or stolen within the vehicle
    11) The client accepts full responsibility for any damages caused to the Limousine by any members of the traveling party
    12) Any passengers who are affected by alcohol or behaving in an unruly manner will be refused entry into the vehicle and the driver has the right to ask any traveling person who exhibits such behavior to leave the vehicle at any time
    13) Strictly no smoking in the Limousine
    14) Do not put your feet on the bar as it is acrylic and easily scratched, if it is found to be scratched after your booking job you will be charged according to remove the scratches
    15) We reserve the right to substitute a vehicle in the case of unforeseen circumstances
    16) If as a result of the traveling party the Limousines has to be detailed as a result of the mess caused then you will be responsible for this cost
    17) If any person vomits in the vehicle you will be responsible for the $100 clean up fee
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