School Balls

School Balls

Want to make a jaw-dropping entrance to your school ball?

Unless your surname is Diddy, you probably don’t travel by limousine every day.

If you and your friends want to arrive at your school ball or after-ball party in style, Distinguished Limousines has the perfect vehicle  the Chrysler 300c Asanti Edition stretch limousine.

Why should you choose the Chrysler 300c for your school ball?  Well, for starters it’s got more bling than Snoop Dog!

Distinguished Limousines Chrysler 300c Asanti Edition limousines feature:

  • Classic, old world charm with stunning two-toned black and silver exteriors, Lamborghini scissor doors and of course, the signature Chrysler grille
  • Plenty of room to seat eleven people comfortably
  • 20-inch chrome mirrored rims
  • A starlit, colour changing mirrored ceiling
  • Colour changing fibre optics and LEDs throughout
  • 3 x LCD screens
  • High quality stereo sound system
  • Long wet bar
  • Did we mention it has a lot of bling?

As you can imagine, our Chrysler 300c limousines are in constant demand for school balls. To avoid disappointment, make sure that you book your vehicle well in advance. For more information and bookings, contact us on 0433 505 900.

Celebrate Responsibly
Remember, the person who hires your school ball limousine is responsible for all of the travelling passengers. That means if something in the vehicle is damaged or broken, the person who made the booking will have to pay for any repairs or replacements. Please ensure that your travelling companions are aware of the rules and that they behave responsibly at all times.